We offer services and processes that breathe life into client’s ideas.

Fabric Department

In-house knitting facility: Circular: Wellknit S/J 30/24 gg, 96F, capacity of 300 kg/day (28 gg alternate cylinder)

Circular: Terrot Rib 30/18 gg, 62F, capacity of 300 kg/day

Flat-bed computerized knitting machine: Kauo Heng 80”: 1, Kauo Heng 60”: 1

High Speed Automated Cone-Rewinding Machine: 12 spindles

Fabric store maintains a record of all in-house fabrics

Fabric Checking

100% fabric inspection is conducted at its initial greige stage, as well as after processing for shrinkage, spiralty, crocking, etc.

Fabric checking is done in-house, but may be outsourced to labs such as ITS, SGS, Bureau Veritas.

Fault marking on processed fabric is followed meticulously so as to facilitate cutting room operations


A dedicated sampling room, headed by a pattern master with 30 years of experience, continuously churns out new developments, proto and sales samples

In-house team of 5 pattern cutters, 4 fabric cutters, a team for handwork/applique and a dedicated QA+Tech team

Our current client profile requires us to make almost 10,000 sales samples every season

Machinery - Lock stitch: 26, Flat Lock: 4, Over lock: 5, Chain stitch: 1, Embroidery machine: 1


Two well lit and spacious cutting rooms equipped to cut over 350,000 pieces per month.

Safety is of the utmost importance, and all employees are provided with masks and gloves.

Tools provided include Spade knife (Eastman), Band knife (Eastman), Fusing machine (Hashima).


The stitching shop floor is equipped with state-of-the-art machines (Brother, Pegasus).

Areas are well defined with clear aisle spaces.

Optimum lighting and ventilation have been provided.

Facility 1 has 4 clear lines set up.

Facility 2 has 8 lines as well as a capsule line for smaller runs and pre-production runs.


We constantly reviews advancements in technology to improve product quality and checks for finished product. An example of this is the ‘light globes’ and ‘light cones’ installed on the finishing floor to improve checking of finished products, particularly relevant to garment dyed and embroidered products.

Well maintained presses, spotting stations and finishing tables.

Quality is of the highest concern and we follow AQL 1 and AQL 2.5 depending on the requirement of the customer.

All packed goods are passed through a needle/metal detecting machine.


The laundry is equipped to wash up to 15,000 garments per day.


The lab is equipped with Domestic Washers, Washing Fastness machine, Crockometer, GSM Scale, Gray Scale and a Macbeth Color Matching Cabinet, Laundrometer, Button Pull Tester, Dimensional Stability Tester, etc.

All fabrics and garments are put through rigorous internal testing alongside third party testing as required.

Hygiene & Safety

The health and safety of employees is of utmost importance to the Company.

Great care is taken to provide hygienic, clean toilets and filtered water for drinking.

Adequate fire fighting equipment and first aid boxes have been provided throughout the facilities, with a sufficient number of people trained in these areas.